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Your trusted partner in insurance solutions

Your trusted partner in insurance solutions


About us

About us

Scoop Financial is a full service brokerage that covers both individual and commercial insurance needs. We've been kicking it since 2002 and we're proudly Canadian.

Our purpose is to help Canadians make better insurance decisions by offering simple and streamlined experiences.

Why you ask? BECAUSE - insurance should be painless.

Our brokerage believes and sticks to these guiding principles:

Industry Experts

We strive relentlessly to stay on top of insurance market rates and trends. We insist on the highest standards as we inform, educate, and advise Canadians on their insurance options.


We are committed to shopping the market and helping customers save money on insurance, even if it means getting insurance elsewhere.


We are friendly, approachable and responsive. We are excellent problem solvers, and we are passionate about helping customers. We genuinely have their best interests at heart.


We listen to our clients, and we speak candidly. Our actions are consistent with our words. We work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.


We do our best to tailor our approach, products, and service to our customers’ unique needs. We work diligently and aim to simplify their experience.


Why Scoop?

Why Scoop?

We wanted a modern, fun and memorable name. For us, Scoop is what we do best: scooping up the best deals for our customers using the latest technology and expertise. The name captures our purpose perfectly.

So don't be shy, give us a ring and let's talk insurance: 1.866.992.8422